Monday, June 27, 2011

NetBeans is now Android friendly

Some time ago I have heard of an attempt to develop an Android app in NetBeans. It sounded a lot like a story of a masochist though. I believe it was done like that. The resources didn't work, there was no support for editing layouts or other XML files. It wasn't a pleasant way to code but some prefered that to switching from their favourite IDE.

Well, I have some good news for NetBeans users - yesterday, on official Oracle blog, there has been posted a Dummy Guide to NetBeans Android Developement. Quickly followed by 5 Step Procedure For an Android Deployment.

The method described on the blog uses a set of plugins called NBAndroid, which have been developed for some time now (the beta label was officialy removed on May 21th in a version 1.7). 
As far as I can tell and as is described on NBAndroid blog, currently it supports code completion in XML files, attaching a debbuger at runtime, building singed APKs, some support for test project and more.

While I prefer to do my work in Eclipse, I am curious about the NetBeans implementation and I will defenitely check it out.

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