Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothing really technical

In three week days I'll be working for a month in Espeo Software. So I guess some summary would be in place.

I sure have enjoyed working there and I think I have spent it well. I did learn a lot in that time, probably more than I usually learn in a month of class.

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I have been working with my collegue Kris on an app for Android. I intent to continue my adventure with Android development (waiting for new Android phone ATM). >]
I have also had a chance of diving into Groovy(augmented, dynamically typed Java-like language that runs on JVM) and Grails code (web framework on Groovy) and I intend to swim there a bit more as well.

By the way, I have been hearing some stuff about new Java version. If it's going to be even just a little more like Groovy - me likey !
By the way2, if you feel awkward with dynamically typed languages, as I am a little bit, but want the power of Groovy for yourself you might want to check out Groovy++.

There has been a poll posted on my blog for a while. An outstanding number of 10 people has voted in it (yes, including me). I'd like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and voting. =)
The poll was about programming languages you are 'mostly into' and the results are :

I have voted for Haskell, but at the moment I do not work on any piece of code in Haskell. One of the reasons is that the integration of Haskell code with Java code is a pretty tedious thing to do. My boss has recommended me Scala as a functional language that integrates with Java very well. Who knows, it might be just the thing to check out in some less eventfull times.
Currently I'm mostly into Java !
I expect 'other...' to be some .Net language (or not a programming language at all ;] ) which is quite popular with people I'm studying with.
Quite a suprise is that more votes ( 40% vs 20% ) are on C/C++ than Java.
Ofcourse that big sample is not really a sample and any reasoning based on it is pretty... lame. ;)

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