Thursday, July 1, 2010

New things !

As I am past all my exams and very glad of it I'm tending to my much neglected blog.

The summer has finally started for me but I'm looking for work. The goal is a position of a programmer in one of the companies in my city. Today I've finished my CV and sent it to a friend for checking. If he approves then I'll send it to every interesting company I'll find. I recon a month should be enough to find something.

As you can see I've changed the design of my blog and adjusted the code displaying script. It's a simple template from Blogger, but still I like it very much.

Lastly our little robo-project has been compleated. The final stage was to remove the parts responsible for communication with the PC, add a microcontroller and program it.

We have put in a Atmega 88 20pu microcontroller and wrote a simple active-polling program, compiled it with avr-gcc and then used  USB AVR ISP I and avrdude to write it to the microcontroller.

The code was written in c using avr libc.

Avr dude gui, a program providing gui for the avr programmer, proved to be buggy - didn't write data to the microcontroller.

You can watch the video of the whole operation here :

A little note : the beginning is shot on the junkyard; one of the objectives was to make the robot cheap. To be honest, in the end we didn't actually use any of the parts salvaged from there.

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