Monday, July 26, 2010

Mockups - Free tools

NetBeans E-commerce Tutorial shows how to use mock-ups but not how to make them.

Obviously you could use a piece of paper and a pen but there are also some software solutions, both commerce and free.

I have used a free one - Pencil to mimic one of the NetBeans E-commerce Tutorial's mockup. Here's the result of my roughly 15 minute work :

Looks a lot better than if I'd draw it by hand, but is the extra effort worth the result ?

My friend says no. He says that there is software for prototyping webpages, even browser-apps, and some people say that for prototyping the best thing is powerpoint.

Me, I'm not sure. If its for me, I'd stick with a paper and pen. For showing other people I'd probably use one of the mentioned tools.
Not because I draw so badly but because some of aspects of the mockup are complemented by things in noted your mind, like how the colors will be. It's easier to show them with a software tool to other person than with a piece of paper.

What do you think ?


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